L-Carnosine Anti-A.G.E.
Eye Cream


The L-Carnosine Anti-A.G.E. Eye Cream effectively counteracts the formation of wrinkles by slowing down cell glycation. The unique active ingredient L-Carnosine can reduce A.G.E.s (Advanced Glycation Endproducts), which are responsible for the glycation of the skin, thus significantly slowing down the skin´s aging process. The Vigna Acontifolia extract stimulates the skin’s own collagen production. It promotes cell renewal and reduces swelling and wrinkles. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Fragrance-free



Apply morning and evening to the eye area and gently pat in.



Study on the efficacy of L-Carnosine
Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2018;31:324–331, Published online: September 10, 2018
Novel Facial Cream Containing Carnosine Inhibits Formation of Advanced Glycation End-Products in Human Skin
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