The L-Carnosine Anti-A.G.E. Hyaluronic Eye Patches have been developed for the sensitive skin underneath the​ eyes. Thanks to their optimal shape, they adapt perfectly to the contour of the eye. The combination of low and​ high-molecular hyaluronic acid promotes the binding of moisture in the deeper skin layers of the epidermis and on the surface of the skin. The eye area appears smoother and firmer, as if padded from the inside. The unique anti-aging active ingredient L-Carnosine protects the cells from glycation and in combination with brown algae and konjac root extract moisturizes and softens dark circles and fine wrinkles. Panthenol soothes the sensitive skin around the eyes.


  1. Apply to cleansed, dry eye area.
  2. Remove the Hyaluronic Eye Patches from the packaging.
  3. Apply under the eye.
  4. After approx. 10 – 15 minutes, remove the patches and pat in excess product.